Training and Resources

CMA Annual Training 2024

CMA annual training will be ALL IN PERSON this year. All providers will be required to attend one of the training classes.

  • Use this link to sign up for training.

  • February 28: West Valley Library 6:00 PM

  • March 6: Spanish Fork Library (Heritage Room) 6:00 PM

  • March 19: Cedar City Library (East Room) 6:00 PM

  • March 21: Richfield (Snow College) 6:00PM

  • April 10: Ogden (Pleasant Valley Library) English and Spanish 6:00PM

  • April 17: West Jordan (CMA Office) Spanish Only 6:00PM


Training to review the CACFP meal pattern requirements:
Grains Ounce Equivalents
  • Grains Ounce Equivalents Tools for CACFP Operators: English | Spanish
  • Crediting Single-Serving Packages of Grains in the CACFP: English | Spanish
  • In-Grained: Easy Tools to Determine Serving Amounts: English | Spanish

Whole Grain Rich
  • Identifying Whole Grain-Rich Foods for the CACFP Using the Ingredient List, Part 1: English | Spanish
  • Identifying Whole Grain-Rich Foods in the CACFP, Part 2: English | Spanish
  • Using the WIC Food List to Identify Creditable Foods in the CACFP: English | Spanish
  • Adding Whole Grains to Your CACFP Menu: English | Spanish

Meal Service and Menu Planning
Mealtimes with Toddlers
Meats/Meat Alternates
Sugar Limits
  • Choose Yogurts That Are Lower in Added Sugars: English | Spanish
  • Choose Breakfast Cereals That Are Lower in Added Sugars: English | Spanish